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4K Type-C & USB-C to HDMI HDTV Adapter Cable

4K Type-C & USB-C to HDMI HDTV Adapter Cable

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Product Description: Upgrade your entertainment experience with our 4K Type-C & USB-C to HDMI HDTV Adapter Cable, available in three sleek colors - red, black, and white. This versatile adapter cable supports both USB-C to HDMI and Type-C to HDMI connections, making it perfect for streaming from your smartphone or laptop to your HDTV. With support for 4K resolution, you can enjoy stunning clarity and vibrant colors for all your favorite shows and movies. Plus, its compact design makes it easy to take on the go, so you can enjoy your entertainment wherever you are. Don't settle for a subpar viewing experience, order the Type-C 4K HDTV USB-C to HDMI Adapter Cable today and elevate your entertainment game!

  • Connects USB-C or Type-C devices to HDMI-enabled HDTVs
  • Supports 4K resolution for high-quality display
  • Available in red, black, and white
  • Ideal for streaming content from smartphones or laptops to HDTVs.

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