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HD Macro Flower Jewelry Lens - Wide Angle Fisheye External Mobile Phone Lens

HD Macro Flower Jewelry Lens - Wide Angle Fisheye External Mobile Phone Lens

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Elevate Your Smartphone Photography with the APL-HB100MM Lens!

Designed for both Apple and Android smartphones, the APL-HB100MM is your perfect companion for capturing stunning photos of plants, intricate details, and small objects with ease. Thanks to its large aperture, this lens creates a beautiful near-circular blur effect around point light sources, adding a touch of magic to your shots. The macro shooting capabilities provide soft and natural bokeh, giving your close-up shots a professional edge. Experience the wonders of a clear and sharp microscopic world, where every detail is captured with unmatched precision.

The APL-HB100MM comes with a Starlight Mirror and a CPL filter, which can be easily attached to the 37mm threaded lens port for even better results. The Starlight Mirror lets you capture dreamy and romantic point-like light effects, akin to radiant starlight, while the CPL filter enhances picture clarity and color saturation. Please note that the Starlight Mirror and CPL filter lenses are available for separate purchase.

With its versatile clip, the APL-HB100MM lens is compatible with a wide range of smartphones. You can easily slide the lens port up and down to adapt to different phone lens positions, ensuring a perfect fit every time. Additionally, the clip can be rotated horizontally or vertically, depending on the position of your phone's main camera.

Unlock the full potential of your phone's photography with the APL-HB100MM lens. Don't miss this opportunity to capture breathtaking moments in a whole new light!


  • Model: APL-HB100MM
  • Applicable Brands: Apple, Android Smartphones
  • Applicable Model: Universal compatibility with most smartphone models
  • Lens Type: Macro Lens
  • Aperture: Large aperture for creating near-circular blur effect around point light sources
  • Bokeh Effect: Soft and natural bokeh effect for captivating macro shots
  • Microscopic Capability: Presents a clear and sharp microscopic world with unique and meticulous details
  • Starlight Mirror: Shoots point-like light to create dreamy and romantic radiant starlight effects
  • CPL Filter: Improves picture clarity and color saturation
  • Lens Port Compatibility: 37mm threaded lens port for attaching additional accessories
  • Clip Design: Wide applicability with sliding feature to adapt to different smartphone lens positions
  • Clip Rotation: Can be rotated horizontally or vertically to match the main camera's position
  • Note: Starlight Mirror and CPL filter lenses need to be purchased separately

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