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DuoCo Strip: 3M SoftGlow LED Neon Vibrant Seven-Color Illumination, Waterproof, and Low Voltage

DuoCo Strip: 3M SoftGlow LED Neon Vibrant Seven-Color Illumination, Waterproof, and Low Voltage

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Duoco Strip: Illuminate Your World with Dynamic Brilliance!

Introducing 3M Soft Glow LED Neon Strip, the ultimate LED light solution that goes beyond illumination, transforming your space into a dynamic canvas of vibrant colors and mesmerizing effects. With a sleek design and unmatched versatility, DuoCo Strip offers an immersive lighting experience tailored to your preferences. Whether you're looking to create a lively party atmosphere or a relaxing ambiance, DuoCo Strip gives you the power to control and customize every detail. With an array of features, including music synchronization, advanced control modes, and a flexible design, DuoCo Strip is not just a light strip – it's a gateway to a world of creativity and innovation. Elevate your surroundings, download the 3M Soft Glow LED Neon Strip app, and let the magic unfold.


  • Power Supply: 12V UL Certified (American, European, British, and Australian power adapters included)
  • Length: 3 meters
  • Remote Control: 24-key 2.4G Wireless Remote Control (CR2025 battery powered)
  • Neon Specifications: 6 x 12mm
  • Number of Lamp Beads: 84/m
  • Lamp Strip Shell Material: Silica Gel
  • Light Strip Information: FPCB | Lamp Bead Model: 4040 (Colorful High RGB)
  • Waterproof Grade: IP67 (except for power supply and controller)
  • Accessories: Double-sided adhesive tape
  • APP Name: Duoco Strip (Available for download on Google Play)


  • 13 Change Modes: Effortlessly switch between dynamic lighting modes controlled via the app.
  • 16 Million Color Choices: Personalize your space with a vast array of color options accessible through the app.
  • Remote Control: Fine-tune brightness, speed, and sensitivity with 10-level adjustments using the wireless remote control.
  • AUTO Button: Seamlessly cycle through control modes via the remote control for added convenience.
  • Timing Function: Set random timing for lights on/off via the app to suit your schedule.
  • Music Sync Function: Watch as lights dance to the rhythm of your music, enhanced with noise filtering for perfect effects.
  • Advanced Controller Mode: Enjoy flexibility with control options via the mobile app, remote control, or physical buttons.
  • Bluetooth Auto-Connect: Experience hassle-free connectivity; open the Duoco Strip app, and it automatically connects via Bluetooth.
  • Flexible Design: Bend the silica gel lamp strip to create various shapes and designs.
  • High Density and Brightness: Illuminate your space with a 1-meter long lamp strip featuring 84 bright and evenly spaced lamp beads.
  • Multilingual Support: The Duoco Strip app supports six languages, with automatic language switching (English, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese). Unleash the brilliance of Duoco Strip and embark on a journey of limitless lighting possibilities!


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